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December 2012

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) K/L

K is for Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch was a professor of urban planning at MIT and authored several books with a focus on urban form.  The Urban Design Reader (Routledge, 2007) makes the arresting claim that The Image of the City (1960) is “the most widely read urban design book of all time”.  (Quite how they know this is unclear.)  In any event, Lynch can reliably be said to have developed one of the most influential theories about how people perceive cities.

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November 2012

A challenge to planning in Melbourne

By Max Walton

So for the second year running Melbourne has taken the title as the world's most liveable city. The Economist Intelligence Unit, which measures cities against a number of criteria including healthcare, education, infrastructure, culture and crime, places Melbourne ahead of cities such as Vienna, Vancouver and Sydney. However, staying at the top of the 'liveability' tree will require a shift in the state of mind of planners and designers alike. It will need a more creative approach to development from all sectors of the industry.

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planning, healthy cities, visioning

Young Professionals Shape Melbourne’s Future

An urban planner from DLA joined a select group of young professionals participating in the first of many roundtable workshops for Melbourne’s new strategic plan.  The workshop was held shortly after the Ministerial Advisory Committee released the discussion paper ‘Melbourne, Let’s Talk About the Future’.

Young professionals Norm (Greater Dandenong), Tamara (DLA, Unviersity of Melbourne), Mitra (SGS, Unviersity of Melbourne) and Andrew (Lateral Projects, Unviersity of Melbourne)


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visioning, urban planning

DLA in Wonderland at the Cardno Nexus Ball

On October 19, DLA staff donned their finest ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed gear and attended the 2012 Cardno Nexus Ball at 1000£ bend. 

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DLA Wins Port Melbourne
Views and Vista Study

David Lock Associates has commenced work in collaboration with the City of Port Phillip on a views and vistas study for the Waterfront Place Precinct of Port Melbourne.

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October 2012

DLA compete in Melbourne
Marathon 5.7km run

DLA competed in the 5.7km section of Melbourne's biggest fun run event, the Medibank Melbourne Marathon on 14th October 2012.

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Grattan Institute Report
on Flexible Suburbs

DLA staff attended a seminar facilitated by the Grattan Institute focusing on their most recent report ‘Tomorrow's Suburbs: Building Flexible Neighbourhoods'. The seminar provided an opportunity to hear from one of the authors, Jane-Frances Kelly as well as Andrew Whitson, General Manager – Residential Development Victoria of Stockland.

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An A-Z of Urban Design concepts
(and their misuse) Part 5

I is for Integration

The word “integration” is strewn liberally throughout our planning schemes.
ResCode calls for development to be integrated with the street. (See “Frontages (residential)”, in the August 2012 Planning News.)
State policy exhorts us to integrate land use planning, urban design and transport planning, and encourages us to design activity centres that integrate housing, employment, shopping, recreation and community services. ResCode wants schools integrated with the neighbourhood and community facilities; the built environment to provide an integrated layout, built form and urban landscape; and subdivision to integrate with the surrounding urban environment.

What does all this mean?

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urban design

David Lock Associates appoints
Danny Hahesy as Associate Planner

Danny Hahesy joined David Lock Associates at the beginning of October to head the Town Planning team and ensure that the team continues to deliver effective development outcomes.

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Cross Cultural Awareness Training - Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation

Delegates from David Lock Associates recently completed a course offered by Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation ‘Yorta Yorta Cultural Insight Program’ held at Yenbena Training Centre.

The course included background on the history of the Yorta Yorta, local settings and experiences as well as a broader history of Aboriginal Australia. Activities included a visit to some of the local areas of cultural significance including the Barmah State Forrest and Cummeragunja.

The cross-cultural awareness training provided a valuable insight into Aboriginal Australia and explored a history so often ignored in Australia.

For more information on the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation, click here.


Reformed Zones for Victoria

David Lock Associates (DLA) has submitted a response to the proposed reformed zones for Victoria. As part of an ongoing review of the Victoria Planning system the Government is considering:

  • New and improved residential, commercial, industrial and rural zones
  • Rationalising and removing unnecessary zones
  • Associated processes that can support the new and improved zones

In general, the principle of the zone reform is welcomed. We do believe that the rationalising of zone structure will achieve greater clarity in the planning system.  However, DLA believe the proposed reform process should be undertaken in conjunction with the emerging Metropolitan Strategy. It is considered the directions outlined in the Metropolitan Strategy will assist in strategically justifying the application of the reformed zones.

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planning, density, urban planning, policy

Melbourne Marathon 2012

A number of DLA staff members have pulled out the trainers from the back of the closet and are in training to participate in the ‘Back to the G’ Melbourne Marathon Festival on Sunday 14th October 2012. Staff will participate in the 5.7km run and have the opportunity to cross the finish line on the grass of the famous MCG. 

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September 2012

A-Z of Urban Design Concepts
(and their misuse) Part 4

G is for Gated communities

‘Gated communities’ are bad. The Safer Design Guidelines tells us so. But as with all doctrines, if the basis for it is misunderstood, an irrational fear of gated communities can lead to a worse outcome.

Gated communities draw an almost visceral reaction from planners, because they imply exclusivity, which offends the intrinsic egalitarian basis of planning. Social planners promote mixed communities to foster tolerance and inclusiveness.
There is another reason to discourage gated communities: they reduce permeability. Permeability is the ease with which people can pass through an area, whether by foot, bike, car or bus. The need to divert around large, impenetrable precincts creates longer and less legible journeys.

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International Urban Design Conference (IUDC)

This month, staff from DLA attended the International Urban Design Conference (IUDC) in Melbourne. Held over three days, the conference showcased a range of keynote speakers presenting innovative ideas from within the industry, as well as insights from other related industries.

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social, urban design, planning, healthy cities, sustainable

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) Part 3

E is for Equitable development

It is hardly surprising that the first wave of inner-urban renewal plucked most of the low-hanging fruit of large sites. Developers are now turning to the smaller sites, which are less able to accommodate the sort of generous setback possible with larger projects. How does this affect the future development of neighbouring properties?

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