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September 2013


The City of Stonnington has released its draft proposal for implementation of the new residential zones. An interactive map for Stonnington indicates where the new zones are intended to apply. 

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Melbourne’s Public Transport Backlog

Transport plays a significant role in shaping the future of cities. In late August, The Age reported the backlogs in Melbourne’s Transport project and identified the gaps between the planning stage and estimated implementation stage of our transport infrastructure projects.

The article cites concern that the priorities set by state governments does not promise to deliver adequate transport to support the outer suburbs of Melbourne making them more car dependent. The extreme example shown in this case is the Doncaster Rail where the project originally was identified in 1929 Transport Plan and is now aimed for completion in 2027, generating a 98 year gap.

On the other side, the east-west link was a key recommendation in a study by Rod Eddington in 2008 into Melbourne’s east-west travel needs. The project is estimated to be worth $7-8 billion dollars and the government has prioritised it over the other vital rail projects. It has taken the state government only 5 years to make this decision.

For such big investment, it raises questions like are these decisions made for environmental benefits or to benefit the community as whole or is it based on economic analysis only? It is also not clear whether these decisions have any long-term impacts which contributes for future sustainable development or is it just about the power of the decision-makers?

It is evident from the article that the major rail projects like Doncaster line, Rowville line, and Cranbourne East rail extension seem to have backlog period of at least 30 years. Melbourne’s current road traffic conditions clearly demonstrates that it needs to invest more in speeding up the process of planning and implementation of public transport infrastructure and not on freeways that will further demand for more freeways.

By Amruta Pandhe

To read the original Age article click here.

City Governance – A new
opportunity for Australian
Capital Cities?

During the recent Federal Election, the major party campaigns have failed to convince that the Federal Government is best placed to tackle the changing economic, social or environmental issues that our major cities face. 

Likewise, at state level, the lack of integration between land use planning and infrastructure delivery has plagued metropolitan strategies. State Government seems increasingly mired by apparent short-term thinking when making decisions over how our cities develop. Local authorities continue to struggle keeping up with the infrastructure demands of an increasing population and changing demographic. 

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August 2013

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) Y/Z

Y is for stYle (architectural)

Architectural style is a key feature of building design. After height, it is probably the aspect most commented upon by laypeople.  But how much does it matter from an urban design or planning perspective?

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planning, urban design

Future Investment in
Melbourne's Public Transport

Transport plays a significant role in shaping the future of cities. The Age recently reported the backlogs in Melbourne’s Transport project and identified the gaps between the planning stage and estimated implementation stage of our transport infrastructure projects.

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Urban Inspirations - ‘Age Friendly Cities’

David Lock Associates welcomed a number of clients and collaborators for the first in a series of talks 'Urban Inspirations'.

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David Lock Associates
Shortlisted in Melbourne
Design Awards

David Lock Associates has been shortlisted in the Melbourne Design Awards in digital experience – website category.

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David Lock Associates Celebrates at Engineers Without Borders Gala Dinner

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) celebrated their 10 year anniversary with an amzing Gala Dinner at Melbourne's Docklands.

The event celebrated EWB's achievements over the last 10 years.  Their contributions to humanitarian engineering have improved conditions and empowered local communities both internationally and in Australia.

The Gala Dinner attracted over 400 professionals from around Australia including engineering CEOs, philanthropists, education institutions, industry groups, EWB members and leaders in humanitarian engineering.  The highlights were some inspirational speakers from parterships in Cambodia and Australia and a cracking silent auction with items like Usain Bolt's running shoes and a Bob Dylan signed guitar.

David Lock Associates is a proud corporate partner of Engineers Without Borders, and are involved in the Engineers Without Borders Yorta Yorta Nation Partnership, working with the Yorta Yorta Aboriginal Nation Corportation, GHD and EWB.

David Lock Associates were thrilled to part of EWB's celebrations, and share the evening with clients and collaborators.

Congratulations to EWB on a wonderful 10 years!  Love your work.

For more info on the Yorta Yorta Parntership, click here.  For more information on EWB, click here.

ewb, yorta yorta nation

New Victorian Residential Zones.
How will they affect you?

Amendment V8 recently introduced three new residential zones into the Victoria Planning Provisions on 1 July 2013.

What is changing?

The existing Residential 1, Residential 2 and Residential 3 Zones are to be replaced by three new residential zones:

- Residential Growth Zone (RGZ)
- General Residential Zone (GRZ)
- Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ).

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Moving and Housing Melbourne -
The 20 Minute City

DLA staff attended the recent Planning Institute of Australia Metropolitan Planning Strategy Symposium in Melbourne.  The theme of this years' symposium was 'Moving and Housing Melbourne - The 20 Minute City'.

The Victorian Young Planners kicked off the session with a segment on transport, including a brief vox-pop video created by RMIT student Robert Marks and DLA's own Holly Patrick and Tamara Lowen (Victorian Young Planners committee members). 

Speakers included Marcus Spiller (SGS), Rob Adams (City of Melbourne) and Kirsten Bauer (ASPECT).  The 'Housing' session followed with presentations from Anthony Aisenberg (Crowd Spot), Marius Vogel (Victorian State Government), Adam Smith (Harvest Digital Planning) and Liz Lewis (Brimbank).

Key themes discussed include the changes to Victorian zones, transport and infrastrucutre development in Victoria, housing and urban density, active transport, technology and community engagement, and spatial dimension to economic development.


July 2013

David Lock Associates UK celebrates 25 years

This year David Lock Associates UK celebrates its 25 year anniversary. 

As part of the ongoing celebrations, David Lock Associates underwent a ‘rigorous’ training event at the Castlenau des Fieumarcon. A beautiful fortified village dating back from the
13th Century, nestled in the Gascony region of France.

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Wentworth Point DCP Amendment signed

David Lock Associates is pleased to announce that the DPC Amendment for Wentworth Point, Homebush has been signed into law.

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An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) W/X

W is for Wayfinding
Wayfinding is about working out where you are and how to get where you want to go. In an urban design context, it refers to the clues provided by the urban environment to help people navigate their way around. Signage is one method. But traditional directional signage is of limited help, particularly to the blind or vision impaired. Too much signage can also create unattractive environments.

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David Lock Associates go to Bendigo

The David Lock Associates team recently headed up to the regional City of Bendigo.

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It’s NAIDOC Week!

July 7-14 is NAIDOC week, time to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

As part of the festivites, DLA participated in NAIDOC week celebrations in Barmah (near Echuca) on Yorta Yorta County, where we helped to organise and run activities like cooking using DIY solar power, geo-tagging culturally significant sites and water actvities; all seeking to combine traditional cultural knowledge with modern techniques.

It was a beautiful day, and a gorgeous setting - perfect for a celebration!  NAIDOC week is a great time to reflect on how to further develop cross-cultural partnerships and and raise awareness of Aboriginal Culture.

Working on a pro bono basis, DLA are developing a Vision Document that paints a picture for the future use of Yorta Yorta nation assets and places. This will lead to self determination, business development, training and cultural development and renaissance benefiting the Yorta Yorta Nation and the wider community.

yorta yorta nation, naidoc week

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