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December 2013

Marketing and Communications
Coordinator (Maternity Cover)

David Lock Associates, an international Town Planning and Urban Design firm is looking for a Marketing and Communications Coordinator to cover Maternity Leave from the end of February 2014.

You will be employed part-time, working 2 days (15 hours) per week to coordinate all aspects of Marketing across our Melbourne and Sydney offices. 

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November 2013

Planning for the Future of
Sydney’s Employment Lands

Putting the needs of the new economy at the heart of future Employment Lands Planning.

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planning, sydney, visioning

October 2013

David Lock Associates, Hill PDA and Aecom delivering WestConnex

David Lock Associates, Hill PDA and Aecom were successful in a joint bid for the Parramatta Road Revitalisation Project (WestConnex Urban Revitalisation Project).

David Lock Associates has a key role in the land use planning component of the project with the ultimate deliverable being an Integrated Transport and Land Use Structure Plan for the 33km road corridor.


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New Residential Zones – A Comparison of Council Implementation

It’s been an action packed few months in planning, with several Councils releasing their implementation of the new zones, and the Metropolitan Strategy released earlier this month. 

Both of these initiatives will affect residential development in Victoria.

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planning, urban planning, infrastructure

July 2013

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) W/X

W is for Wayfinding
Wayfinding is about working out where you are and how to get where you want to go. In an urban design context, it refers to the clues provided by the urban environment to help people navigate their way around. Signage is one method. But traditional directional signage is of limited help, particularly to the blind or vision impaired. Too much signage can also create unattractive environments.

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David Lock Associates Appoints New Managing Principal in Sydney

David Lock Associates announces the appointment of Erin Saunders as Managing Principal in their Sydney operation.

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sydney, planning

June 2013

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) U/V

U is for (New) Urbanism
New Urbanism is a movement to bring back traditional qualities of cities and towns that got left behind in the Modernist fervour and car-based urban development of the 20th Century.

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May 2013

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) S/T

S is for Street wall

The ‘street wall’ is the front façade of a building where it is built on or close to the street boundary. It is an important urban design element because it defines the public realm.

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April 2013

An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) Q/R

Q is for (design) Quality
As our cities densify, and taller buildings become more common, design quality has become an increasingly important issue. Why is it important? How can it be guaranteed? And how can it be assessed?
Lower, infill buildings have relatively limited impact on the visual quality of the environment, rarely being visible beyond their street-block. Taller buildings can be visible across a much broader area. This has a significant influence on the character and appeal of whole urban districts.

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An A-Z of Urban Design concepts (and their misuse) O/P

O is for Overdevelopment
Overdevelopment is a legitimate term, referring to buildings that are too big for their site. Unfortunately, it has been devalued through its use by those wishing to object to a proposed development but unable to express why.

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