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December 2013

Merry Christmas from
David Lock Associates

Our warmest wishes over the festive season and a prosperous New Year. Thank you to all our clients and collaborators for making 2013 a successful year. We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2014.

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Marketing and Communications
Coordinator (Maternity Cover)

David Lock Associates, an international Town Planning and Urban Design firm is looking for a Marketing and Communications Coordinator to cover Maternity Leave from the end of February 2014.

You will be employed part-time, working 2 days (15 hours) per week to coordinate all aspects of Marketing across our Melbourne and Sydney offices. 

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November 2013

Employment-Led Design with Lawrence Revill

David Lock Associates UK Managing Director, Lawrence Revill, was recently in the country to help our Australian offices celebrate 15 years.

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Planning for the Future of
Sydney’s Employment Lands

Putting the needs of the new economy at the heart of future Employment Lands Planning.

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October 2013

David Lock Associates, Hill PDA and Aecom delivering WestConnex

David Lock Associates, Hill PDA and Aecom were successful in a joint bid for the Parramatta Road Revitalisation Project (WestConnex Urban Revitalisation Project).

David Lock Associates has a key role in the land use planning component of the project with the ultimate deliverable being an Integrated Transport and Land Use Structure Plan for the 33km road corridor.


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New Residential Zones – A Comparison of Council Implementation

It’s been an action packed few months in planning, with several Councils releasing their implementation of the new zones, and the Metropolitan Strategy released earlier this month. 

Both of these initiatives will affect residential development in Victoria.

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Fishermans Bend
Urban Renewal Area

The Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area is located to the south-west of Melbourne’s CBD covering an area almost double the size of Melbourne’s existing central city. The recently released Draft Vision seeks to transform this existing industrial precinct into a thriving, mixed-use inner city environment. The Vision anticipates that over a period of 30 to 50 years, Fishermans Bend will become a flourishing community, providing a home for more than 80,000 residents and a workplace for up to 40,000 people.

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The Liveable City

This week is the University of 'Melbourne's Festival of Ideas', an opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and debates with the community, each event enagaging around a different theme.  This year's theme is the sciece of healthy living.  

Image Source: Flickr Martin Gillett


DLA staff attended one of the highlights of the week, a thought provoking and inspiring seminar on the topic 'The Liveable City'.  Speakers included CoDesign's Lucinda Hartley, City of Melbourne's Rob Adams and David Burney from New York City Department of Design and Construction.  The event was chaired by Kate Roffey of the Committee for Melbourne.

David Bunrey talked about his work in creating the Active Design Code, which looked at how we can create built environments that encourage activity, exercise and interaction.  Rod Adams discussed the need for increasing urban density along transport corridors, and encouraging flexibility in the way we use our spaces, to make Melbourne more sustainable in every sense.  Lucinda Harltey shared some insipring insights into tactical urbanism, and how communities and even individuals can influence their neighbourhoods to make them even better places to be, highlighting how planning can be more engaging and fun.

It was great to hear these top notch speakers share their passion and knowledge.  The twitter feed #uomfoi was going off with lots of positive responses, questions and comments.  This seminar was one of several as part of the festival ideas,  More information on the festival can be found here.

September 2013

Wedding Bells at DLA

DLA are delighted to announce the wedding of DLA's own Alastair Campbell and long time sweetheart Danielle Campbell (nee Ruddick).

Alastair surprised everyone, announcing his wedding after a brief few days off, where he and Danielle tied the knot at the Registry surrounded by close family.

DLA sends Alastair and Danielle, and their two mini Campbells warmest congratualations and best wishes for the future.




On 16th September 2013, the Premier and the Minister for Planning released the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area Draft Vision and Interim Fishermans Bend Design Guidelines for community engagement.

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There are a number of changes to the Planning and Environment Act which are being undertaken in 2 stages. Stage 1 of the amendments commenced on 22 July. Some of the changes in Stage 1, such as the new provisions for the Planning Application Committee, are enabling provisions that will become effective once the appropriate administrative arrangements are in place.

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The City of Stonnington has released its draft proposal for implementation of the new residential zones. An interactive map for Stonnington indicates where the new zones are intended to apply. 

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Melbourne’s Public Transport Backlog

Transport plays a significant role in shaping the future of cities. In late August, The Age reported the backlogs in Melbourne’s Transport project and identified the gaps between the planning stage and estimated implementation stage of our transport infrastructure projects.

The article cites concern that the priorities set by state governments does not promise to deliver adequate transport to support the outer suburbs of Melbourne making them more car dependent. The extreme example shown in this case is the Doncaster Rail where the project originally was identified in 1929 Transport Plan and is now aimed for completion in 2027, generating a 98 year gap.

On the other side, the east-west link was a key recommendation in a study by Rod Eddington in 2008 into Melbourne’s east-west travel needs. The project is estimated to be worth $7-8 billion dollars and the government has prioritised it over the other vital rail projects. It has taken the state government only 5 years to make this decision.

For such big investment, it raises questions like are these decisions made for environmental benefits or to benefit the community as whole or is it based on economic analysis only? It is also not clear whether these decisions have any long-term impacts which contributes for future sustainable development or is it just about the power of the decision-makers?

It is evident from the article that the major rail projects like Doncaster line, Rowville line, and Cranbourne East rail extension seem to have backlog period of at least 30 years. Melbourne’s current road traffic conditions clearly demonstrates that it needs to invest more in speeding up the process of planning and implementation of public transport infrastructure and not on freeways that will further demand for more freeways.

By Amruta Pandhe

To read the original Age article click here.

City Governance – A new
opportunity for Australian
Capital Cities?

During the recent Federal Election, the major party campaigns have failed to convince that the Federal Government is best placed to tackle the changing economic, social or environmental issues that our major cities face. 

Likewise, at state level, the lack of integration between land use planning and infrastructure delivery has plagued metropolitan strategies. State Government seems increasingly mired by apparent short-term thinking when making decisions over how our cities develop. Local authorities continue to struggle keeping up with the infrastructure demands of an increasing population and changing demographic. 

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August 2013

Urban Inspirations - ‘Age Friendly Cities’

David Lock Associates welcomed a number of clients and collaborators for the first in a series of talks 'Urban Inspirations'.

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