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Senior Urban Designer Jessica Christiansen recently represented David Lock Associates at the Regional Conference and workshop on ‘Enabling GREEEN Cities: a Sustainable Urban Future for Southeast Asia’ in Manila hosted by the Asian Development Bank.

The conference is part of ADB’s approach to addressing the urbanisation challenge by fostering investments in sustainable development through the 3E’s approach (Economy + Environment + Equity) to sustainable and liveable cities that are competitive, green, and inclusive.

The workshop was held over two days, and attended by ADB project staff, government leaders from Southeast Asian cities, and various private sector representatives.

David Lock Associates was invited to present research on urban liveability.

“We see urban liveability as central to creating urban places which are truly economically, environmentally and equitably sustainable,” Jessica said.

“The ADB conference was a great opportunity for urban development experts and decision makers from across the region to come together and discuss ways to improve the liveability of our cities.”

To create a holistic strategy for the planning, design and management of urban places, David Lock Associates seeks to tackle urban liveability across the following areas;

Built Form - the design and materiality of built form must balance the economic realities of development today, while ensuring amenity, flexibility and longevity for future users.

Public Realm - the space between buildings plays an essential role in the functioning of a city. Well-conceived public places enable social interaction, cultural expression, economic exchange and environmental assets.

Transport and Access - cities grind to a halt without the successful planning and management of transport systems. Integrating transport systems into the surrounding urban area has clear benefits for accessibility and movement, which in turn creates social and economic benefits.

Please contact Jessica Christiansen for a copy of David Lock Associates’ Urban Liveability presentation.


“The historic walled city ‘Intramuros’, and infamous arterial road ‘EDSA’ are both icons of Manila feeling the urbanisation pressures increase in this megacity”.

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