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Delivering for NSW

This month David Lock Associates celebrates one year in the Sydney market, with a proud record of achievement in delivering increased housing capacity in Australia’s biggest city.


Working in collaboration with Hill PDA and Aecom, David Lock Associates was successful in a joint bid for the Parramatta Road Revitalisation Project (WestConnex Urban Revitalisation Project).

David Lock Associates delivered the land use planning component of the project with the ultimate deliverable being an Integrated Transport and Land Use Structure Plan for the 33km road corridor.

The WestConnex Urban Revitalisation Project is one of the NSW Government’s key infrastructure projects and the largest integrated transport and urban revitalisation project in Australia. The project has the potential to create up to 25,000 new homes and 25,000 new jobs over the next 20 years. The value of new homes and businesses is expected to exceed $12 billion.

Wentworth Point

David Lock Associates prepared the Planning Proposal and Urban Design Review to support major planning initiatives at Wentworth Point. These will facilitate the delivery of a new pedestrian, cycle and public transport bridge across Homebush Bay, for which we also helped secure approval.

The plan amendments provide an additional 120,000 m2 of floor space and the introduction of 16 to 25 storey towers to a predominantly 4 to 8 storey planning framework. The revised controls respond to the significance of the new bridge connecting the emerging community with Rhodes.

The Urban Design Review established a set of urban design, built form and massing principles to inform how best to accommodate an additional floor space in a revised Urban Design Framework for the precinct to fund the bridge.

The team also prepared the Planning Proposal Report, the draft amendments to the Homebush Bay West DCP and advised on the Voluntary Planning Agreement to secure the Bridge and directly undertook most agency negotiations.

Redfern and Waterloo

For Redfern and Waterloo, David Lock Associates was the project director. This was to manage and formulate the Preliminary Master Plans to inform the redevelopment of the two large social housing estates.

The aim of the project was to introduce private and affordable housing to rejuvenate and create a more balanced community and fund the renewal of almost 3,500 social housing dwellings. The plans are designed to accommodate change in the way the housing is mixed over time and provide for a more robust public domain that is conducive to safety and opportunity. New shops, community facilities and parks are identified while a key principle underpinning the plans is to integrate the areas with the surrounding neighborhoods.

The work drew on extensive community engagement as well as detailed investigations including physical and social infrastructure, capability and constraints as well as building convertibility. David Lock Associates also undertook staging and implementation planning analysis to provide Urban Renewal Strategies for each estate and assist with financial feasibility.

As an international company with 25 years’ experience behind us, David Lock Associates has the capabilities to manage your projects with leadership, creativity and a personalised approach.

Working on our own or in collaboration with partners, we can deliver for you and your clients:

Contact CEO David Klingberg by email or on 02 9699 2021 to discuss how we can provide input to your next project.

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