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DLA Leading Social Housing Transformation

DLA is proud to be involved in a number of major social housing renewal projects in Melbourne and Sydney.

We are currently advising the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services on urban design parameters and new planning controls for two of its Melbourne estates identified for renewal.

This follows our work over a number of years for the NSW Land and Housing Corporation in relation to the renewal of its 2000-dwelling social housing estate in Waterloo, which informed the decision to build a station on Sydney’s new Metro rail line at Waterloo, and its identification as a State Significant Precinct.

Our approach to social housing renewal is to ‘normalise’ estates through conventional street and land use patterns, and open space and building types.  This is designed to overcome their stigma and reduce opportunities for anti-social behaviour.  We look to ‘stitch’ housing estates more strongly to the surrounding neighbourhoods, introduce shops, services and facilities that will draw people from the broader area, and mix private, affordable and social housing to form a balanced community.

If you need advice on social housing renewal, please contact Julia Bell on 03 9682 8568 or email

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