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Employment-Led Design with Lawrence Revill

David Lock Associates UK Managing Director, Lawrence Revill, was recently in the country to help our Australian offices celebrate 15 years.

He together with Sydney Managing Principal Erin Saunders led a breakfast seminar at the Hilton Hotel, in Sydney, which highlighted 'Employment-Led Design'.

Erin provided an excellent and insightful introduction into what employment-led development is and an understanding of the factors that drive a productive and successful business environment.

She went on to explain the challenges that Sydney faces now and into the future. She identified the need to 'Rethink Sydney' and asked the question “How can planners can better utilise our employment lands to make more efficient use of land and infrastructure, redistributing jobs across the city”. Further, she identified opportunities for innovation and emerging industries with a possibility of solving congestion problems.

Following an introduction from Erin, Lawrence identified similarities between the UK and Australia. He identified that good comprehensive planning that acknowledges the need, and plans for well-integrated housing, employment and other necessary uses and services in turn provides certainty and stability to investors.

Providing Employment-led development is not easy but it can be facilitated by supporting infrastructure and reacting quickly and positively to growth prospects.

Using Milton Keynes (where DLA UK is based) as an example of a town where employment development has been successful, he highlighted the fact that there has been significant investment in the region with Milton Keynes succeeding and continuing to grow with it's good connections to London and the north; good range of business accommodation; able workforce, strong social and cultural infrastructure; and good and available housing. 

Lawrence left the audience to ponder the thought that Employment-led development is like good horticulture. It requires very intensive husbandry or very fertile soil and lots of irrigation.
No matter how robust the plan, the outcome will always be a surprise!

David Lock Associates would like to thank all those that attended. Please click here to read an article by Erin Saunders about Planning for the Future of Sydney’s Employment Lands.



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