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Geoffrey Falk Drawing Training at DLA

Urban design is an integral component of the work we do here at DLA, and it is important to occasionally 'brush up' on the techniques and abilities we employ in urban design - including hand drawing. We were recently lucky enough to be visited by Geoffrey Falk (a renowned local Melbourne-based architect and illustrator whose amazing Melbourne-centric urban sketches have adorned many structure plans, development proposals and visioning materials) who shared his insight on urban sketching and his particular drawing style with the team. 


See below for a sample of the incredibly life-like drawings Geoffrey has produced previously:

Source: Geoffrey Falk Architecture


The team at DLA were very happy to host Geoffrey Falk at our office, who kindly took some time out his busy schedule to impart some of his design skills in a tailored group drawing class.

Geoffrey’s artistic talent became abundantly clear as he shared his tips and techniques around perspective, shading, colouring and drawing with the team and we are looking forward to practicing many of his drawing techniques in our own urban illustrations. We loved the opportunity to learn directly from a talented industry leader and would like to extend our thanks to Geoffrey for spending some time with us!

We have used the skills taught by Geoffrey throughout a range of structure plans and emerging character studies. We believe that urban design requires a keen eye and a steady hand and we look forward to incorporating more of Geoffrey's design skills into our future drawings.

Here are some examples of Geoff's techniques being put to good work here at DLA.

Image sources: Brodie Blades


Stay tuned as we highlight some of the visual communication work being produced by the team in forthcoming newsletters.

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