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Finding inspiration
in masterplanning
for growth areas

Masterplanning in Growth Areas was the topic of conversation at David Lock Associates' offices in South Melbourne when one of our colleagues from the UK, Joanne Cave recently visited.

David Lock Associates held a number of client events and internal talks to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced when masterplanning in urban growth areas in the United Kingdom. Joanne used a number of diverse sites as examples including Mountfield Park, Canterbury and Bradford City Centre. The sites are diverse in terms of their topography, location and needs as well as diverse in terms of the clients – government, private developers and local authorities. 

Joanne Cave is a Partner with David Lock Associates in the United Kingdom.

Mountfield Park, Canterbury

Canterbury faces an ageing population, a swelling student population and shortage of family homes. Mountfield Park is a strategic growth site to the south of Canterbury with 4000 new dwellings. The topography highlights that Canterbury City Centre sits within a 'bowl' and the site itself sits higher allowing for the inter-visibility that already exists to be continued to the site. The masterplan introduced  'green ripples'  to keep a connection to the landscape. One of the points of interest is how the masterplan creates a physical connection and knits the site into the original town. 

Bradford City Plan

A city in the north of England, Bradford was hit by recession and has created a strategy to move towards recovery. The Bradford City Centre Plan has set a vision with a 5 point plan to make sense and focus the recovery of Bradford. The City Plan looks to harness the young and entrepreneurial to attract business investment, looks at solving traffic problems, being proactive about the impact on Westfield on the core area, maximising return on investment in public realm, creating a strategy for an evening economy and 'selling urban living.'  A masterplan which highlights an overlap between precincts was created (see above). The plan is designed to create a 'ripple effect' to benefit not only the city centre but surrounding regions. 

If you would like a copy of the Bradford City Plan click here.

Thank you to all our clients and colleagues who attended events during the week and a special thank you to the MPA who hosted a round table discussion. If you would like more detail on any of the projects mentioned or masterplanning advice, please contact Julia Bell in our Melbourne office on +61 3 9682 8568.

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