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Fishermans Bend
Urban Renewal Area

The Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area is located to the south-west of Melbourne’s CBD covering an area almost double the size of Melbourne’s existing central city. The recently released Draft Vision seeks to transform this existing industrial precinct into a thriving, mixed-use inner city environment. The Vision anticipates that over a period of 30 to 50 years, Fishermans Bend will become a flourishing community, providing a home for more than 80,000 residents and a workplace for up to 40,000 people.

The project provides an unprecedented opportunity for people to live closer to existing jobs, services, public spaces and transport connections. The draft Vision is shrouded in a series of clear strategic directions. These seek to start the conversation about how Fishermans Bend can be developed. These include:

  • The creation of 21st Century jobs.
  • The timely provision of infrastructure.
  • A place that is easy to get around.
  • A vibrant, mix of uses and activities.
  • Distinctive and diverse neighbourhoods.
  • A great place for families.
  • A high quality built environment.
  • Smart environmental solutions.
  • Environmental constraints addressed.
  • Strong partnerships and effective governance.

Ten key moves have been established to give effect to the strategic directions and deliver the vision. The key moves will be complemented by a series of no-physical initiatives such as temporary activation, investment attraction, employment generation and industry transition to help achieve the vision and strategic directions. 

  • Grow central Melbourne around the Yarra River – creating a transition of intensity radiating from the centre to surrounding communities.
  • Link the city to the bay – extending the Collins Street tram through the heart of the renewal area.
  • Integrate with the rail network – potential priority projects to include two new future metro stations.
  • Connect the inner city – developing a package of bus network and scaling up of tram and rail services.
  • Extend Melbourne’s parks to the bay – completing and connecting new links the existing metropolitan linear park network.
  • Deliver new boulevards – creating green streets to become the focus of safe and accessible pedestrian and cycle movement.
  • Create a network of local parks and green spaces – enriching the liveability of the area through a network of green links and spaces providing access to nature.
  • Create a walkable and cycle-friendly place – developing a permeable network of streets and lanes that encourage walking and cycling and connect beyond the Fishermans Bend area.
  • Create centres for local communities – becoming the focal point for local communities to shop, meet and access community facilities and services.  Proposals include two primary hubs and secondary hubs and education clusters.
  • Create distinctive and diverse neighbourhoods – four distinct neighbourhoods each with their own unique typologies and scales will respond to differing local contexts.

What will it all look like?

Accompanying the vision is a set of interim design guidelines that seek to formalise design approaches in relation to site layout, building design and height, wind and weather protection, public spaces and landscaping, parking and access and sustainability and energy efficiency. 

How will it all happen?

The vision anticipates a partnership approach between the private sector, State government and local government. Funding mechanisms such as Development Contributions Plans will contribute to the funding of critical infrastructure such as schools, libraries, parks and open spaces and public transport infrastructure.

The Draft Vision is currently out for public comment until December. Following public consultation the Draft Vision will be consolidated into a Strategic Framework Plan. The Interim Design Guidelines will be finalised and translated into new planning controls to be introduced into the Melbourne and Port Phillip planning schemes.

For further information contact a member of DLA’s Strategic Planning Team (9682 8568) or visit the website


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