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New zones affecting housing
diversity and affordability

David Lock Associates has joined with a group of industry professionals to make a submission to the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee set up by the Victorian government.

Issues related to the proposed application of the proposed zones by many councils were highlighted in a letter from 35 industry professionals featured in The Age.

Concerned about the potential impact of the zones on sustainability and liveability, Principal Mark Sheppard and CEO David Klingberg have co-authored and put their names to the submission.

The group of planning professionals has raised the following concerns with the way the zones are proposed to be applied:

  • ongoing structural shortage of new housing to meet the growing demand from higher projected population growth across Melbourne
  • the danger that opportunities for providing affordable housing, special purpose housing and older persons units, including community housing, will be severely curtailed
  • the costs to the State and other agencies as investment in medium density housing becomes less appealing
  • social and infrastructure costs as medium density housing is pushed further out from the centre of Melbourne
  • significant reduction in the diversity of residential infill development in existing suburbs
  • lack of rigour by many councils in the proposed application of the new zones, and
  • tight timeframes for consultation about how the new zones will be implemented.

The group is presenting its concerns at the Committee hearings along with supporting evidence.

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