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Restrictive New Built Form
Controls for Central City

New interim controls over density and built form in the central city were gazetted without warning late on Friday 4 September 2015. Amendment C262 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme introduced:

  • A new schedule to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO10) which contains mandatory controls in relation to maximum podium height and minimum tower setbacks, and a discretionary maximum plot ratio (density) control.
  • Mandatory maximum height controls in place of the current discretionary height controls in DDO2 (CCZ), DDO7 (Former Fishmarket Site Northbank), DDO40 (River Environs), DDO60 (Southbank) and DDO62 (Bourke Hill).
  • Mandatory requirements in the Central City Zone except Fishermans Bend (CCZ1-3) in relation to overshadowing of the north bank of the Yarra River and wind impacts.
  • Changes to Clauses 22.01 (Urban Design within the Capital City Zone) and 22.02 (Sunlight to Public Spaces) to align with the interim controls above (replacing the previous 24m tower separation policy in Clause 22.01).

The Amendment also made the City of Melbourne a referral authority for all applications in the central city with a gross floor area (GFA) greater than 25,000m2.

DDO10 applies to the land highlighted in the map below:

The table below summarises the changes to the Melbourne Planning Scheme:

  1. Except architectural features, changes to or the reconstruction of existing buildings that do not result in an increased non-conformance.
  2. From streets with a road reserve width of 9m or more.
  3. A lane is a road with a reserve width of less than 9m.
  4. Doesn’t apply to an application lodged prior to 5 September 2015.
  5. Expires on 5 September 2016.

DDO2 and DDO62 apply to the land highlighted in the map below:

DDO7, DDO40 and DDO60 apply to the land highlighted in the map below:

For further advice on how this may affect your property or development proposal, contact Mark SheppardDanny HahesyBrodie Blades or your project representative at David Lock Associates on +61 3 9682 8568.


Notice of approval of Amendment

CCZ1 , CCZ2 , CCZ3 , DDO2 , DDO7 , DDO10 , DDO40 , DDO60 , DDO62 , 22.01 , 22.02

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