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David Lock Associates town planning and urban design team, together with BKK Architects were engaged by Wilmasir Pty Ltd and 206 Heidelberg Pty Ltd to develop a high-quality apartment development at 204 – 206 Lower Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe East. The Planning Permit was issued by Banyule City Council in November last year and contains 45 apartments over 3 and 4 storeys.

The owners had two individual failed attempts at gaining permits at VCAT for each individual site. They then decided to join forces to amalgamate their sites and create one larger project. BKK Architects and David Lock Associates were engaged to drive an entirely new team and a fresh design approach. Given that this would be the third and final attempt for the client group on this site, the brief was for an exemplary design that also clearly addressed the key issues arising from the previous VCAT determinations and amenity concerns of neighbours. The key challenge for the site was to create a high yield and high quality development, while carefully managing and responding to the previous history of the site and numerous environmental issues (flooding, significant trees), character concerns and off-site amenity impacts.

BKK Architects and David Lock Associates town planning and design team outlined the key design parameters for the site at the outset of the project. Significant context analysis and design testing was undertaken to ensure that the building design responded appropriately, but in a unique and interesting way, to the existing neighbourhood character. Building setbacks, overall building height and floor levels were carefully determined to respond directly to the steep slope of the land and constraints imposed by localised flooding, trees and adjoining residential development.

Key to the success of the project was the willingness of all parties, including Council staff and key objectors, to negotiate the outcome through the Council planning process – resulting in a Planning Permit being issued by Council with no VCAT Appeals.

The result will be a transformational project for Ivanhoe East.  The design is unapologetically bold and contemporary, but also of a very high quality and deliberately responsive to the existing neighbourhood character.

Construction is due to commence shortly.  We look forward to seeing this project take shape.

For planning advice call Danny Hahesy on +61 3 9682 8568.

Image source - BKK Architects

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