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Tower Hill Stage 8
under construction

Tower Hill is a 1500-dwelling urban extension to Swan Hill, being developed by Places Victoria. It represents a refreshing direction for regional planning, creating a distinct break from traditional low-density residential suburban design.

Medium density housing, mixed use development and water sensitive urban design are combined to create a unique development sensitive to the need to increase urban densities in the area while responding to the demands of a country town in a dry, rural environment.

David Lock Associates has led the design of this new residential neighbourhood from the outset (since 2002). Its contribution to the project has spanned strategic urban planning to the design of detailed landscape design elements.

The development incorporates a new neighbourhood centre and town square. The square is a key feature of the development, providing an attractive entrance into the suburb and a central focal point for community activity. The now established landscaping ensures that it is well-connected to the residential streets and the park opposite. Significant vegetation within the site is also maintained to contribute a degree of maturity to the landscape.


For more information about this project contact our Senior Urban Designer, Alastair Campbell on 03 9682 8568.

regional planning, suburban design, neighbourhood

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