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Abuja, Nigeria Master Plan




Inter Design Partnerships, at the behest of the Minister for Abuja

DLA was invited to work in conjunction with Inter Design Partnerships, at the behest of the Minister for Abuja, to review the Albert Speer and Partners (AS+P) masterplan for the Abuja central area. DLA, in association with Inter Design Partnerships, identified a series of important interventions that could enhance the AS+P masterplan. These included a more varied approach to designing the boulevards and the reintroduction of a pedestrianised area along the main spine of the central area, in addition to an increase in active areas.

Following on from this commission, DLA provided an Executive Summary to advise the Minister for Abuja on the emerging technical issues related to the required changes to the masterplan and the necessary infrastructure. This included implementation strategies and marketing inward investment, to more discrete masterplanning projects such as design coding and tall building studies. These are vital in ensuring that developers and investors deliver and do not frustrate the implementation of the long term vision. DLA travelled to Abuja as guests of Inter Design Partnerships to meet with the Abuja Minister and his team of advisors to present the design ideas and recommendations for central Abuja.

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