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Broader Western Sydney
Employment Area





The Broader Western Sydney Employment Area is a 10,000 hectare area of land in Sydney’s west which has long been earmarked for employment development. The DP&I recently commissioned a suite of studies on this area to inform the preparation of a Structure Plan to guide the release and development of this land into the future. With a total area equivalent to the entirety of the Sydney Region’s existing employment land stock, this project represents the most significant strategic planning project for the economic future of Sydney.

David Lock Associates was commissioned by the NSW DP&I to coordinate a team of planners and property economists to look at the future of employment lands development in the Sydney region to 2046. The project considered economic and industry trends, supply and demand drivers and strategic land use patterns associated with the development of employment lands nationally and internationally. The study was the key driver of structure planning for the area and has recently been exhibited by the NSW DP&I.

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