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Brunswick Structure Plan Review


Brunswick, Melbourne


Moreland City Council

David Lock Associates undertook the Brunswick Structure Plan Review for the Moreland City Council. This consisted of delivering on time and within budget two reports, the Consultation and Structure Plan Review Report and the Brunswick Structure Plan (BSP) Review Report.

The purpose of the Consultation and Structure Plan Review Report was to identify ‘best practice’ lessons for developing structure plans to allow for a more informed and considered process. This report informed and stimulated discussion amongst the steering committee. Personal interviews with numerous planning and other professionals and a desktop review of structure plan documents identified key elements of ‘best practice’.

The final report, the Structure Plan Review Report, took the previous findings and proposed a new, refined framework of documents and structure for the BSP to improve its overall legibility, usefulness and effectiveness in promoting change within the study area. Further, it outlined the changes required to implement the proposed framework and structure of the revised BSP.

structure plan review

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