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Postcode 3081: Urban Renewal


Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights & Bellfield


Banyule City Council

DLA is pleased to announce Planning Scheme Amendment C120 is now on exhibition. C120 applies to the suburbs of Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights and Bellfield and implements Postcode 3081 Urban Design Framework (UDF) and its built form and landscape guidance via the introduction of a Residential Growth Zone, Design and Development Overlay and supporting policy changes. In collaboration with the City of Banyule, DLA assisted in preparing a UDF that will allow for the transformation of an existing low scale, detached housing neighbourhood into a medium to high-density urban renewal precinct. The proposed density and heights were developed firstly in consideration of proximity and accessibility to public transport, main road corridors, open space and creeks and existing and future activity centres. These considerations allowed for the identification of future areas of increased residential density based on an opportunities and constraints analysis.

The areas identified for increased residential density informed the identification of future character areas supported by design objectives and urban design strategies which will create distinctive yet complimentary precincts of change, whilst achieving affordable housing and innovation aspirations for the study area. The design guidelines and strategies within the UDF support urban intensification and lot consolidation whilst protecting existing residential amenity and character and maintaining the area’s strong ‘green’ character, which includes significant established trees within both the private and public realm.

The final UDF was formed through a collaborative process of workshops and discussions between Council, stakeholders and the community and can be viewed here.

Amendment C120 is available at

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