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Hills Road Batesford
Development Plan


Melbourne, Victoria


Private Client

This low density residential concept master plan for a 140 ha site located on the western bank of the Moorabool River in Batesford will provide approximately 155 lots depending on the final layout.

A site responsive and sensitive development approach which incorporates the intrinsic natural physical and environmental features of the site within the master plan layout. This will enable the utilisation of WSUD and other energy efficient design approaches contributing to the sustainability of the development and providing an exemplar for both Batesford and the region.

The proposed concept takes advantage of the site characteristics and surrounding context to deliver a high-quality sustainable residential development. In order to take advantage of the sloping nature of the site the master plan allows for the location of the building envelopes to ensure dwellings are sighted strategically to ensure protection of the existing landforms such as the escarpments and river valley. The design endeavours to provide a high quality public realm, incorporating a major linear public open space corridor along the river, incorporating a pedestrian link into central Batesford.

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