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Mannar Foreshore and Town Plan


Mannar, Sri Lanka


Diaspora Lanka

David Lock Associates assisted not-for-profit Diaspora Lanka as part of the steering committee to assist with the rebuild and reconciliation within the small town of Mannar in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province. Suffering extreme environmental, economic and social impacts from the 30 year duration of the civil war, Mannar is in the process of slowly rebuilding.

Two teams of Australian planners and landscape architects were deployed to Mannar to assist the urban council with their strategic plan for the region, prepare a waterfront urban design framework for the key foreshore area, and develop a landscape master plan and management strategy for one of several large ponds within the township.

David Lock Associates team members were instrumental in the preparatory stages of the project by preparing briefing material and training for the teams. DLA was also involved on-the-ground in Mannar to assist with the hand over from Team A to Team B, as well as facilitating community consultation.

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