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Wuhan Masterplan




Wuhan East Lakes Development Corporation, Wuhan Planning and Design Institute

DLA was commissioned by the Wuhan East Lakes Development Corporation and the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute in Wuhan, Hubei province in Central China to prepare a conceptual master plan for a spectacular site characterised by lush mountains and huge lakes.

This will be the future expansion of the city as part of a high-tech development area, one of only two such areas designated by the Chinese national government.

The area covers more than 800 and will provide development land for more than 2 million people and a wide range of industrial and service businesses over the next 30 years.

DLA, with sister company Integrated Transport Planning, produced a transport plan which was the key to the implementation strategy, using a high quality, flexible Bus Rapid Transit system to establish sustainable travel patterns before extensions to the metro system are completed.

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