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Yarra River



Image: The Yarra River. Copyright Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - photo by Colin Page 


DLA are proud to announce commencing work with DELWP on a new coordinated strategic planning framework for the Yarra River. DLA will be drafting a specification for the Yarra Strategic Plan, which will be produced by Melbourne Water. In parallel to this DLA will also create a set of strategic planning guidelines to inform plan production for any waterway within Victoria. 

The initial stages of the project involved a scoping exercise to gather information from stakeholders, including Municipal Councils and other public bodies. The Wurundjeri Council and Department of Premier and Cabinet, as partners in the project, will also provide input to the project. 
The project aims to provide best practice in "Caring for Country" with approach that blends the wisdom of the Traditional Owners with contemporary values of  environmental sustainability and to protect and improve the Yarra RIver and its parklands for the enjoyment of future generations.  management of heritage and be an exemplar for similar future projects in regards to cultural heritage considerations. DLA’s strategic planning and urban design team will be working closely with DELWP and Melbourne Water in the next month to produce draft guidelines. The draft will then be provided for testing by project partners and stakeholders, before being finalised before the end of the year. 
The Yarra Strategic Plan will be a holistic plan of the river and its catchment landscape that ensures, for the first time, that planning and development decisions consider the whole river corridor in their implementation as the one living and integrated natural entity. 
DLA prides itself on our ability to provide considered and robust strategic planning and urban design advice on behalf of both the public and private sectors.  Please contact Julia Bell on (03) 9682 8568 or email to discuss your next strategic planning and urban design project. 

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