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  • Jane Jacobs Walk

    Jane Jacobs was an urbanist and activist who had the ability to make complicated urban design theories simple and straightforward.

    25 July 2012

  • Central Dandenong
    Urban Design Framework

    Design a Mobility Plan as part of a strategy to reinvigorate an ailing CBD. Included a focus on establishing a series of new

    18 July 2012

  • Renewing Port Adelaide

    The Port Adelaide town centre and waterfront presents a significant opportunity to evolve from an historic shipping and industrial harbour

    14 February 2014

  • People Friendly Cities

    Last month, much loved urban designer Jan Gehl participated in a FutureCities audio show promoting People Friendly Cities.  Gehl'

    11 October 2013

  • Footscray Central Urban Design Framework

    Urban Design Framework to guide the redevelopment of a struggling suburb through setting up a new vision to the key attributes of the

    18 July 2012

  • An A-Z of Urban Design concepts
    (and their misuse) Part 5

    I is for Integration The word “integration” is strewn liberally throughout our planning schemes. ResCode calls for development

    17 October 2012

  • Swan Street Structure Plan

    Structure Plan to guide the future land use, built form, public spaces and access and movement within and out of the area. The

    26 July 2012

  • Port Adelaide Precinct Plan Renewal

    In collaboration with Connor Holmes, David Lock Associates has prepared the Port Adelaide Precinct Plan for Renewal South Australia. 

    24 February 2014

  • Highpoint Structure Plan

    Structure Plan for one of the Melbourne’s Principal Activity Centre at Highpoint. The Plan developed set of actions to ‘stitch

    26 July 2012

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