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Bicycle Network Victoria

David Lock Associates was commissioned by Bicycle Network Victoria to create the graphics style for the Planning Checklist for Cycling and Practice Note. Bicycle Network developed the content as part of the three year Healthy New Suburbs in Urban Growth Zones project funded by VicHealth. David Lock Associates worked with Bicycle Network to ensure that the reports designed are used as part of the planning process to enable professionals to develop suburbs that encourage healthy lifestyles for all residents and visitors.

All artwork was aligned to Bicycle Network brand guidelines and interactive elements were added to allow professionals to download and fill out the Checklist as needed.

The Planning Checklist and Practice Note have been adopted by Bicycle Network and are now available for download from the Bicycle Network’s website.

For information on our graphic design and urban graphics capabilities, please contact  Graphic Designer, Sean Hua on 03 9682 8568. 

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