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Malvern Road /
Burke Road Grade Separation


Glen Iris, Victoria


City of Stonnington

David Lock Associates was invited by the City of Stonnington to analyse the long term impacts of the proposed Gardiner Station grade separation on the Malvern Road – Burke Road small neighbourhood activity centre and surrounding area.

David Lock Associates identified the existing relationships between transport infrastructure, land use, public realm and built form, and explored how the grade separation could contribute to enhancing the vibrancy, connectivity, amenity, safety, and sense of place of the centre and station precinct. The analysis and recommendations focused on improving the pedestrian and cyclist movement network, the economic health of the neighbourhood activity centre and development potential around the station area.

David Lock Associates also analysed the options for the grade separation and provided a suite of recommendations based on best practice urban design principles. These guiding principles were used by Council to ensure that the design of the grade separation will consider its long-term impacts on the broader strategic context.

The challenge with this project was to understand the complexities involved in the transport network of the area and its implications on the future development and built form.

transport, safety, neighbourhood

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