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Recent NSW Urban Design Reports





Image: Aleksander Design Group


DLA provides Urban Design Reports (UDR) in support of development applications or planning proposals. The UDR “tells the story” of the appropriate urban design response to the site and how this has been achieved, primarily in terms of building(s) siting, scale and massing. It assists in explaining how the urban design response is acceptable in the context of the site particularly for developments which seek to contravene current policy controls.

The UDR covers the strategic context of the site from both a spatial and urban design-related policy perspective. It also illustrates the relevant features of the surrounding urban context. It provides an analysis of the existing and emerging character of the site’s surroundings from a physical and policy context. This helps to create ‘Urban Design Principles’ which are used in the assessment of the proposal to show its suitability.

The UDR provides an analysis of the public realm interface of the site and neighbouring properties in terms of off-site amenity impacts and equitable development.

For any enquiries or information regarding preparation for an Urban Design Report, please contact Julia Bell at

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