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David Lock Associates Group of Companies

Working collaboratively our group of companies David Lock Associates, Australia, United Kingdom and Nordic; DLA Architects Practice Ltd and Integrated Transport Planning (ITP) Ltd are able to utilise our spread of skills, shared values and geography to provide a global perspective on making cities great places to live.


David Lock Associates (DLA) UK

David Lock Associates (DLA) UK is an independent town planning, urban design and master planning consultancy based in the UK with over 25 years’ experience in the development industry.

DLA UK advise landowners and developers in planning and securing consent for new homes, jobs, transport infrastructure, retail and education. They advise business and civic leaders on city visioning; working with local authorities and stakeholders on regeneration master plans and growth scenarios; and help developers and investors bring sites to market.

With over 25 years’ experience DLA UK is committed to the delivery of intelligent and creative solutions to challenges facing planning and design in the UK.


David Lock Associates Nordic

David Lock Associates Nordic has recently launched in Scandinavia. Will Cousins and Heather Pugh from our UK office and Odd Arne Blindheim, Håkon Iversen (Bergen) and Mårten Hedlund (Malmo)have set up offices in Sweden and Norway to promote the cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise.

With offices in Malmo, Sweden and Bergen, Norway, David Lock Associates Nordic offers skills in concept development, design development and strategic planning, business development, financial and equity modelling, branding and market insights for projects, property value acceleration as well as implementation of major projects.



DLA Architects Practice Ltd

Established in 1998, DLA Architects Practice is based in Milton Keynes.

Areas of expertise include Employment - Commerce & Industry and Residential - Institutional, Sale and Social. They have a strong portfolio of Masterplanning, Mixed Use, Education, Sport, Recreation, Healthcare and Community projects. DLA Architects Practice brings an original dimension to all our commissions. They seek to avoid the obvious or stereotypical solutions in favour of a questioning approach that extracts the maximum from all the opportunities that our Clients bring to us.

As a practice, DLA Architects Practice are committed to sustainability. They are registered EcoHomes and Code Assessors and designed many BREEAM compliant buildings, achieving an ‘Excellent’ ratings for several recent projects. 






Integrated Transport Planning Ltd (ITP)

Integrated Transport Planning (ITP) is a dynamic consultancy specialising in integrated, sustainable transport planning and research. Established in 1998, the ITP team is a group of dedicated transport professionals with a broad range of skills geared to meeting transport and planning challenges which deliver sustainable, accessibility solutions.

Located in Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Birmingham, and with a new central London office established in 2013, ITP’s client base includes national government departments, the European Commission, international funding agencies such as the World Bank, transport operators, regeneration agencies, local authorities, PTEs and integrated transport authorities. Working across the globe ITP has adapted its delivery in order to create locally acceptable solutions from Europe to as far afield as Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

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